MH Pocket Beagles

 - Our mission is to share these lap-sized lovies with open hearts and open arms -

Our family partners and supports each other with our deep love for these adorable Olde English Pocket Beagles.

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Adult Male - Tri-Color

Not used for breeding purposes.

He was our first Pocket Beagle.

Sierra Rogue

Adult Female - 9lbs - Tri-Color

Two healthy litters to date

 Three in her first litter
and four in her second.

She is an amazing,
attentive, natural mom.

Adele Michelle

Adult Female -12-14 pounds - Tick

First Litter Arrived on Aug. 30, 2013!
Namesake: Michelle Peterson

Fairy Godmother: Shana Baxter


Copper "Penny"

Female - 6 pounds - Tri-Color

Offspring of Sierra & Achilles

Will be bred in 2014

Pepper Paisley

Female - Tick

Offspring of Adele & Wallace

Will be bred in late 2014


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